orin 4.5 sun black

Orin is shaped and tuned using forging technology from each board. The smaller the scale, the higher the pitch. As the scale increases, the sound becomes lower and the undulation becomes longer. The black color is a traditional brass coloring technique called “black dyeing”. The golden brass is finished black through chemical changes. Finishes such as painting or plating may suppress the tone, but since black dyeing is a chemical change, you can enjoy the original spread of the sound.
body size
4.5 sun(Φ145×h100mm、apertureΦ135mm)
Since the product is manufactured after receiving your order, it will be shipped「1week 〜 4month」after receiving your order.
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set content ・Orin ・Orin stick ・Orin futon ・Orin pouch ・Stick pouch ※orin is handmade, the size is approximate. [tips for long-term use] Due to the characteristics of brass, Orin's color deepens over time as it ages, so we hope you enjoy watching that change. The oils and oils on your hands may leave marks. If you are concerned, please wear cloth gloves. In addition, if you store it in a place with as little humidity as possible, and clean it by applying beeswax or cooking oil to the entire surface and wiping it with a soft cloth, it will be less likely to get fingerprints and will be cleaner. If patina appears and there is no change in the sound, you can use it as is. If you are concerned about it, try polishing it with a mixture of vinegar and salt, metal polish, or sandpaper. If you drop it and it becomes dented or the sound changes, please contact us so that we can reshape it and re-articulate it without trying to fix it yourself. click here to learn how to make Orin ring.

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